What is the height of confidence? by Marissa Russell

Answer by Marissa Russell:

  • Waiting 3 full seconds before responding to anyone to give yourself an opportunity to think before you speak. Confident people have faith that whoever they are talking to will patiently wait for their response. They don’t feel the need to rush and respond out of fear that the person they are talking to will lose interest.
  • Taking up a lot of physical space in an unfamiliar environment. When we are nervous and intimidated we try to take up as little physical space as possible. Confident people have a widened stance and keep their arms away from their bodies. Examples:
  • Not fidgeting. When we are uncomfortable, tapping our feet, playing with our hair or biting our nails takes the edge off. One of the hallmarks of confidence is simply being able to sit still.
  • Replacing “um’s” with silence. The biggest thing one must master for peak confidence is the ability to be comfortable with silence. Confident people don’t feel obligated to pacify their audience with “um’s” and “ah’s.” They remain quiet until they have something valuable to say.

What is the height of confidence?