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Joker gets Serious

Why man fails ?


Man fails because he seeks inner peace from external sources, because he relies on someone else for his own happiness. Sometimes the absence of external source causes burns that do not heal, creates voids that never fill.

You love only once in life. Be it a person or a goal, or the idea that fascinates you beyond rationale. Sometimes you fail to achieve it. Then whatever you do after, is just to forget it. no matter what you try, the voids cannot be filled. you choose a different lifestyle, resort to drugs and drinks, choose a different relationship,  and it all goes terribly wrong. just when you think you are at your lowest, the ground beneath your feet gives way and lets you fall into a deeper chasm, a greater abyss. In such situations, Murphy’s Law starts appearing as the greatest law on Earth – “whatever that can go wrong, will go wrong”.

After a reasonably long period of depression and mental horror, when you manage to pick yourself up and try to look forward to life ahead, you find that you are left with very few friends. But indeed, these are the friends who actually will stand for you, no matter what.

By then you have learnt a lesson, a lesson which came at a cost, a cost that was too high to bear by choice. the cost was first incurred and then was simply forced on you. or is it ? rewind and go back to step one, you made choices initially, so the ramifications can’t be blamed on destiny ! in the end, you will find that it was easy to decide whether the path was wrong or right because of tens of reasons. but, wait a minute, that is hindsight bias.

Would it not be wise that before making a choice, read the *conditions apply first? of course, then we could do a detailed analysis and select/deselect the options. Unfortunately, the *conditions apply are visible only after they have been applied !

Man is not destined to fail, he is designed to choose failure.

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