Exotic idiotism

Idiotism that keeps the world sane

Poetic Injustice

Fate’s Favorite Pawn

Hate being Fate’s favorite pawn,
Have Never recovered since you’re gone.
Millions of things I wanna tell,
Of times I rose and times I fell.
To let you go I must have been so stupid,
Can meet you nowhere but in dreams lucid.
Wanna listen to you all day,
If wishes do come true, I wish this may..


Haunted by Happiness

Walking through the Boulevard of memories vast.
Contemplated how long did the seed of each of ‘em last.

Ephemeral moments when we live and breathe felicity,
Insuperable; can’t confine and clasp ‘em till eternity.

Surmised, speculated; then realized life’s queer wryness,
Truest Oxymoron of the moron(me), I feel haunted by happiness.


Unfathomed Distance

From you for ages my heart hasn’t heard,
The words, the poetry, the songs and feelings surd.

The clouds are murky and grey, it’s dull-the sunshine,
The charisma, the power, the potion to heal is certainly thine.

Great unfathomed distance you went, never gazed in the rear view,
In anticipation and hope, few feelings remain unaltered, never replaced by the ones new…



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